Thyracont Vacuum Instruments

Thyracont is a private, medium sized com- pany. They have been developing and manufacturing vacuum measurement instru- ments in Germany for more than 40 years. Its products exclusively originate from their own developments. Thyracont provides the world’s end-users and original equipment manufacturers of vacuum pumps and vacuum process equipment with innovative vacuum measurement instrumentation. For years Thyracont has received the excellent mark “Very good“ in ratings according to Basel II.

Especially for your Application.
Thyracont’s products include vacuum sensors, vacuum switches, wide range vacuum transducers, compact vacuum gauges as well as display and vacuum control units. Their products utilize the most refined sensor technologies: Piezo, Pirani, Capacitance, Inverted Magnetron and Bayard-Alpert, singly or in combination to meet the most demanding vacuum measurement requirements.