Steam Ejectors, Deaerators, Heaters

  • Steam Ejectors

    Steam Ejector Systems

    Edwards has over 90 years experience in the design and supply of steam ejector systems. Edwards has been instrumental in the development of the steam ejector from the relatively crude single stage devices which evolved into today’s highly efficient multi-stage systems.

  • Deaerators

    Seawater Deaerators

    Edwards is able to offer field proven designs for water injection deaerators, which are required to operate upstream of sulphate removal systems. Edwards has considerable experience in the supply of deaeration packages for use on floating production vessels, including installations on FPSO’s, semi-submersibles and on tension leg platforms.

  • Heaters

    High Pressure Feedwater Heaters

    Through its acquisition of Hick Hargreaves, Edwards has added the capability to design and supply replacement feedwater heaters for central power generating plants to its product portfolio. Edwards’ capabilities in regard to this equipment are principally focussed on the supply of replacement vertical heaters, with full radiographic testing of the back face welded tube to tubesheet joints being undertaken to ensure maximum integrity of these critical joints.