We offer various service levels from routine maintenance to full overhaul and service contracts.

In-house service
This is the most economical and comprehensive way for routine maintenance, repair or complete overhaul. We have access to proper tools and equipment to recondition your pump efficiently and to test it extensively.

On-site Service
We offer on-site support from advice of your application to routine maintenance, overhaul, installation and (leak)testing.

Service including Pump Rental
You receive a pump from our pumps pool prior to overhaul of your pump; this gives you maximum uptime, regardless of the repair time. This service costs only a small additional amount above the cost of the actual repair.

Product Exchange
In case process uptime is critical, you will receive a product that is fully serviced and tested as new with a 12 months warranty. Upon receipt and installation, return your defective unit to us within 2 weeks. Prices are fixed so you know exactly where you stand.

Pump Rental
If you temporarily need a pump, you have the possibility to rent a pump from our pumps pool. We like to know in advance what kind of process (which substances) you want to use the pump and the expected duration of the rental period.

You can contact us for reconditioning of vacuum pumps from all major vacuum pump manufacturers, not only for the current models, also for a large number of obsolete models. We use quality components from Precision Plus. Of course you can also order parts for these pumps.