NetVacRoom_thumbNetvac Flexible vacuum for your multi-user laboratory. Makes precision vacuum readily available for all the users and applications in your lab – all from a single Netvac installation. Using Ilmvac pumps, controllers, systems and components, we can custom design your robust laboratory vacuum utility to provide the right performance to each of your applications.

We provide multi-port vacuum that is:
– Precisely controlled at your point of applicationNetvac_valve_thumb
– Cabinet concealed with accessible controls
– Energy efficient and environmentally responsible
– Oil-free chemical resistance, low maintenance

We recommend the following laboratory need assessment to fully define your specific requirements. We will be pleased to work with you to transform your needs into a Netvac system that will perfectly integrate vacuum into your laboratory, function affordably, and achieve all this while maintaining the highest level of environmental responsibility.

5 Steps to your Personal Netvac:
1.) How many netvac ports are required?
2.) What ultimate pressure is required? (2 mbar or 8 mbar)
3.) Will the netvac ports be mounted on the bench or fume hood?
4.) Will your netvac ports be surface-mounted (R04) or integrated (R01) into lab furniture?
– Surface mounted – common solution for installation for existing laboratory furniture or on walls.
– For integration into laboratory furniture. Vacuum hose is hidden and out of the way.
5.) Do you need manual regulated or controller regulated ports?
– Manual Regulated Manual on/off, vacuum regulator and dial gauge.
– Controller Regulated With digital vacuum controller VCB 521.

After you complete the “5 Steps” assessment, you can use the Netvac Pump Selection Chart and Netvac Port and Controller Chart Selection Chart to select the correct vacuum source and control option for your needs.