Industrial Vacuum

With the broadest range of vacuum technologies and solutions in the market, we use our expertise to provide the optimum vacuum for industrial applications, from steel degassing and metallurgy to coating and energy production plants.

For over a century, creating and controlling a vacuum has played a key part in countless industrial manufacturing processes. In three major industrial sectors vacuum technology play a key role: metallurgy, coating, and drying. In each of these areas vacuum pumps and abatement systems are helping to make manufacturing cleaner, smarter, and cheaper.

Metallurgy (the extraction of metals from the ground, and the procedures for refining, alloying, and making things from them) requires high levels of controllable vacuum for melting, casting, surface coating, creating alloys, and assembling metal parts. The process of coating surfaces as varied as architectural glass, optical lenses, solar panels, mobile phone bodies, and car windscreens would be impossible without sophisticated vacuum and abatement technologies that we can supply.

And in a great many processes, from freeze drying food and pharmaceuticals, to drying electrical power transformers before sealing, and pipe lines prior to commissioning, our vacuum pumping systems play a vital role in producing the totally dry environment that all these processes demand.