GXS Dry Screw Pump

The GXS design is founded on Edwards’ many years of experience and success with dry vacuum pumps operating on the harshest of processes and incorporates many advanced features to ensure optimum reliability even under the most arduous operating conditions.

The GXS range incorporates Edwards unique screw technology with a world leading high efficiency drive to achieve excellent vacuum performance and low running costs.

FAST – Reduced pump down times with ultimate of 5×10-4 mbar
ROBUST – Reliable operation in harsh industrial applications
INTELLIGENT – On-board controller with extensive communication and
aautomated control capabilities
ECONOMICAL – Affordable capital investment and low cost of ownership
ENVIRONMENTAL – Smooth, quiet running with low power and utilities

screw_verticalThe innovative new screw design provides an excellent ultimate vacuum capability of typically 5×10-3 mbarr for the GXS pump alone and 5×10-4 mbar for GXS booster combi’s.

The GXS operating lifetime is maximised through the combination of optimised screw design, advanced bearing technology, automatic on-board thermal management, proven shaft sealing systems, long-life lubrication, intelligently programmed starting and stopping routines – which can also incorporate automatic self-cleaning using solvents and/or purges – and water cooling for motors and the electronics systems.

Low cost of ownership is a key issue for vacuum pump operators, and the GXS provides class-leading savings on power and utilities consumptions, in some cases using up to 48% less energy than equivalent competitive pumps. This is achieved through the use of high efficiency, water cooled motors, built-in inverter drives, and advanced low-friction seals. Purge gas usage is also minimised compared to other pump designs.

A further benefit of the advanced screw design is very compact size. A significantly smaller footprint is achieved compared to most other vacuum pumps of the same class, and this gives important savings in installation space in the customer’s pump room.

Why compromise on price and performance? Choose an Edwards GXS dry pump with intelligent onboard control features and exceptional pumping speeds.

GXS Industrial dry screw pump – The Smart Choice!