Gamma Vacuum

Gamma Vacuum is an industry leading ion pump supplier because of superior quality, delivery, and service. The employees of Gamma Vacuum have experience in real-world vacuum environments ranging from systems manufacturing and optics handling to TIG welding for vacuum environments.
Their staff and facility are dedicated to one thing: Creating the purest vacuum environments on earth.
Ion pumps create high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environments in a variety of applications, ranging from portable mass spectrometers to large scale particle accelerators. Ion pumps can create the lowest possible vacuum at an economical cost.

Ion pumps technical advantages over other technologies include:

• Vibration-Free Operation
• Low Operational Cost
• Bakeability
• Low Maintenance
• Pressure Indication
• Permanent Gas Capture
• Radiation Tolerance
• Long Operational Life
• Non-Contaminating Technology

Gamma Vacuum offers ion pumps and controls for ion pumps from 2 l/s to 1200 l/s and titanium sublimation pumps in combination with ion pumps or as a standalone. These pumps offer the highest pumping speed for their compact size.