Vacuum Valves

  • SP Series

    The Edwards SP Speedivalves with fluoroelastomer or nitrile diaphragms are sealed in-line isolation valves which utilize a diaphragm and seat arrangement to provide a rugged, dirty system tolerant valve. They feature position indicators and are suitable for pipeline mounting only.

  • IBV Series

    The Edwards IBV Ball Valves combine practical everyday features plus ease of use and economy in a high specification design. These rugged valves are manufactured in 316L stainless steel and have a full bore design making them ideal for a wide variety of vacuum applications.

  • PV Series

    The Edwards PV valves are fast acting, pneumatically operated (PVPK Series), solenoid operated (PVEK Series) and lever operated (PVMK Series) right-angled isolation valves featuring bellows and O-ring sealing to provide a grease free vacuum. With visual and electrical indication of valve status (PVPK Series) and an option of aluminum or stainless steel construction, they provide a low cost valve which is ideal for high cycling duties.

  • BRV Series

    The Edwards BRV valves are manually or pneumatically actuated backing/roughing valves. They combine the function of separate backing/roughing valves into one integral 3 port unit. Featuring various control and indication features, they provide a low cost, reliable and easy to operate valve.

  • Softstart Series

    The Edwards SIPVP Softstart valves are pneumatically operated, soft start valves with interchangeable orifices for the controlled pumpdown of processes where turbulent flow can cause problems with particulate contamination.

  • BGV Series

    The BGV Basement Gate Valves have been specially designed with a simple and innovative wedge sealing system that eliminates the complex mechanism of traditional gate valves. The benefit means no oil, grease or moving parts within the vacuum, thereby reducing the risk of the mechanism being damaged by contamination in dusty processes.

  • GV Series

    The Edwards range of CF and ISO flanged Gate Valves are available in a number of construction and sealing combinations offering excellent overall leak tightness and vacuum integrity with maximum conductance. They feature pneumatic or manual actuation and various methods of control and indication in addition to a bakeable design.

  • QSB Series

    The Edwards QSB Quarter Swing Butterfly valves are a compact, quick acting, high conductance isolation valve. Featuring stainless steel construction, O-ring sealing and pneumatic or manual actuation.

  • Air Admit Valves

    The Edwards range of air admittance valves are available in three designs to suit a variety of applications. Ranging from simple screw plunger designs to solenoid operated valves, these panel or pipeline mounted valves are an ideal way to admit gas to your vacuum system. In addition to air admittance valves, Edwards also offer panel or pipeline mounted needle valves for the fine control of gas bleeds into your vacuum system.