Small Dry Pumps

  • nXDS Series

    Capacity: 6 – 22 m3h-1; 1000 – 7*10-3 mbar

    With exceptional pumping capability, ultimate vacuum performance and state-of-the-art design features, Edwards nXDS is the best performing pump in its class. The nXDS is up to 20 times quieter than other pumps. Its intelligent control functions and up to five year service interval offer low cost of ownership, making it the small dry pump of choice for today’s most advanced technologies.

  • XDS35i

    Capacity: 35 m3h-1; 1000 – 1*10-2 mbar

    The XDS35i pump has an innovative bearing shield design that isolates the vacuum environment from all forms of lubricant, not only making it totally dry but hermetically sealed. The shield also protects the bearing from any process vapours.
    Gas ballast allows vapour to be handled and opens up the range of applications to many that were previously unsuited to scroll pumps. The inverter drive controls the motor characteristics and ensures the pump always runs at optimum speed.

  • D-Lab Series

    Capacity: 0,6 – 2 m3h-1; 1000 – 8 mbar

    The D-LAB membrane pumps with their chemically resistant Teflon® heads, diaphragms and Kalrez® valves offer the chemical or pharmaceutical laboratory user a wide range of choice, either used as stand-alone pumps or as part of a sophisticated system. The one head, 100 mbar ultimate vacuum pumps are suitable for use with drying equipment or for replacing water-jet pumps, whilst the two head, 8 mbar ultimate vacuum pumps are suitable for rotary evaporation, gas transfer and a wide range of medium vacuum applications.

  • XDD Series

    Capacity: 0,6 – 1,2 m3h-1; 1000 – 2 mbar

    The Edwards XDD1 diaphragm pumps are used for backing small compound turbo-molecular pumps in clean, high vacuum applications. They comply with EN61010, EN1012, CSA/UL and are designed to be free standing bench top units. The a.c. voltage motor can be used on worldwide supplies ranging from 100 to 115 V, and 200 to 230 V.