Mechanical Boosters

  • EH Series

    Capacity: 310 – 4140 m3h-1

    The Edwards EH mechanical booster pumps feature a unique hydrokinetic drive which provides efficient power transmission with benefits in economy, performance and compactness. These booster pumps are suitable for use with high differential pressures which allow the booster pump to be started at the same time as the backing pump, reducing total pump down times.

  • 6″ Series

    Capacity: 1700 – 6600 m3h-1

    The 6″ Series mechanical booster pumps provide high throughput pumps for industrial and arduous chemical applications. Utilizing reliable, rugged designs, these pumps offer a low cost, space saving pumping system.

  • HV Series

    Capacity: 7200 – 30000 m3h-1

    The HV mechanical booster pumps combine Edwards’ expertise in manufacturing and distribution of complete industrial vacuum systems with Dresser’s world-renowned roots pump technology. When backed by a Drystar or EH mechanical booster, HV pumps provide totally oil-free high-capacity pumping and operate reliably for long periods without maintenance.