Large Oilsealed Pumps

  • EM Series

    Capacity: 40 – 275 m3h-1; 1000 – 1*10-3 mbar

    The Edwards EM range of 2-stage direct drive Rotary Vane Pumps are inherently compact and vibration free with their finger-proof fan and coupling housings and totally enclosed fan-cooled motors, they offer excellent operator protection. The EM pumps are fan-cooled to give the best combination of performance, reliability and cost in relation to the anticipated applications.

  • Microvac Series

    Capacity: 255 – 1240 m3h-1; 1000 – 3,3*10-2 mbar

    The Edwards Microvac rotary piston pumps set the standard for performance and reliability as the industries most efficient, space saving design. The design has been improved, upgraded and fine tuned to deliver even better dependability and productivity combined with minimal maintenance and process downtime.

  • EV Series

    Capacity: 18 – 630 m3h-1; 1000 – 0,5 mbar

    The EV range of vacuum pumps utilize a combination of proven low-maintenance rotary vane technology and environmentally-aware design to provide an economical solution for industrial and scientific applications. Suitable for use where high ultimate vacuums are not required, the EV range of pumps allows continuous operation from atmosphere to ultimate vacuum. These pumps can be used individually or with mechanical booster pumps to increase both performance and ultimate vacuum