Industrial Dry Pumps

  • GXS Series

    Capacity: 160 – 3450 m3h-1; 1000 – 5*10-4 mbar

    Edwards GXS range incorporates our unique screw technology with a world leading high efficiency drive to achieve excellent vacuum performance and low running costs. With advanced temperature control, low maintenance and long service intervals, the GXS is the most robust and economical vacuum pump that establishes a new standard in dry pumping.

  • IDX Series

    Capacity: 1000 – 1300 m3h-1; 1000 – 5*10-2 mbar

    The Edwards IDX dry pumps use the latest screw technology to provide a clean, effluent free vacuum. These pumps offer the ability to handle large volumes of dust and water vapor without any loss of performance while minimizing maintenance requirements and running costs. The IDX dry pumps are capable of continually operating from atmosphere to ultimate.

  • Drystar Series

    Capacity: 80 – 390 m3h-1; 1000 – 3*10-3 mbar

    Edwards Drystar 80 dry vacuum pump is configured for ease of installation and commissioning while providing a clean, robust and cost effective alternative to traditional oil-sealed pumps. The Drystar 80 is designed to handle large volumes of condensable vapours and particulate loads to provide a consistent pumping performance, minimal service intervention and low cost of ownership. The use of dry pumping technology and unique seal design will eliminate contamination throughout the vacuum process making the Drystar 80 suitable for a range of applications and environments.